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GenieMat™ RST Sound Control Underlayment

From the inventor of the patented technology (US Patent RE41,495) for recycled rubber used for impact sound insulation, directly below floor coverings.

GenieMat is a flat, resilient, reduced sound transmission mat made from 94% recycled rubber content, used directly under hard surface floor finished and over concrete and wood construction.

It is used when superior sound control is required in multi-family housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings and protects ceramic tile, porcelain and stone from substrate cracks.

Engineered for direct adhered floor coverings such as tile, stone, wood, vinyl, VCT, laminate, etc.

Tile – Most products rated for commercials use.

Wood – Urethane adhesive gives superior peel strengths.

Vinyl – One-step method provides superior sound control for resilient floor coverings.

ANSI standard 118.12

TCNA standard (ASTM C627)

IAQ test (ASTM D5116)

LEED accreditation: up to 6 points

GenieClip™ Sound Transmission Reduction System

The GenieClip™ is a molded rubber and steel isolation clip used to control sound and is designed to:

  • Significantly improve low frequency sound control performance
  • Substantially improve impact noise and help stop sound through walls and floor/ceiling construction
  • Allow for thinner and even no resilient mat used in certain floor/ceiling assemblies
  • Substantially reduce costs and associated problems in wood truss floor/ceiling construction and still meet code for fire and sound control – great for apartment construction
  • Be fast and easy to install
  • No short-circuiting as is often the case with resilient channel


Coming soon.

Sound Transmission Reduction System for Assembly of Walls and Floor/Ceiling in Rooms

  • Pliteq – Spring 2013 September 29, 2012

    GenieMat RST Underlayment

    See the Brochure (PDF)

    • Reduced Sound Transmission
    • Crack Isolation Membrane

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