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Kolay Flooring International manufactures all their Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank products in 3 systems… Glue-down, Click, and a unique Free Lay. The Glue-down system offers several thicknesses. The Click system uses leading edge SPC backing technology. The Free Lay system with its integrated acoustical cushion backing is ideal for many multi-family and commercial developments…adding comfort, sound reduction features and installed cost savings. All 700+ pattern/color options shown in our Product Library can be used in any construction. Each construction offers a number of sizes, as well as wear layer and texture choices to meet specific budgets and needs. Price is only based on construction, not pattern or texture selection.

Kolay also manufactures Kolay Dura-Wear Wall Protection and Accessories under a separate website www.kolaydurawear.com This new brand includes several stock wall panel and ceiling panel sizes, 4″ Vinyl Cove Base, 6″ Vinyl Baseboard in 3 Designer Profiles and a 4″ Vinyl Base Profile for Carpet in addition to Metal and Vinyl Trims. In addition to stock pattern/color options, you can choose from anything in our flooring product library for the wall protection panels. Cove base and baseboards will also be available in custom colors.

Kolay 120 ColorWood Collection Series

Moss Green

Need to add a little splash of color into your world? Or maybe you love the look of wood, but natural colors just make your space feel bland!

Kolay 120 Color Wood series integrates color into floors like never before. Kolay features basic colors but has hundreds of color options available.

Kolay 220 Studio Collection Series


Kolay’s Studio Series, named for its paint-splashed look, adds distinctive character to any application.

Kolay 320 Stone Tile Collection Series


Kolay’s 320 Series takes the very best of native patterns with an eclectic feel to perfectly meld brown and copper tones. This collection holds the charm of simplicity and subtlety while still being chic. The textures and patterns will grab your eye and help make a room cohesive.

Kolay 420 Hardwood Collection Series

Red Oak

Kolay’s 420 Hardwood series features a wide variety of popular wood-look patterns as well as durable, hard wood-look floors, with great patterns and realistic embossed wear layer.

You’ll be amazed at the realistic look, and your clients will enjoy the easy installation and price.

Kolay 520 Rough Sawn Collection Series

Rustic Olive

Our Rough Sawn Luxury Vinyl Collection provides a warm or dramatic look with different rough-cut patterns. Choose from ten different swatches for dramatic, commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring!

Maintain a distinctive look for offices, hospitals, malls and other large scale flooring projects. Our Rough Sawn Luxury Vinyl Flooring is perfect for commercial, high traffic areas. Kolay’s range of unique swatches inspire for commercial interior design for large-scale projects and provide low maintenance flooring for high traffic areas.

Kolay 620 Shades of Grey Collection Series


The Shades of Grey flooring collection offers commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring patterns of various wood species in tasteful tones of grey. Whether in a large atrium, rooms, hallways or entrances, Shades of Grey compliments design and style while still providing robust durability for commercial, high traffic areas.

In addition to the wonderful design solutions and easy installation, our real-wood-look vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain and is long lasting.

See the latest in awesome decorator colors, sure to inspire you and your clients! Shades of Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring combines practicality, beauty and realism. Order the swatch book and see for yourself!

Kolay 720 Vertical Bamboo Collection Series


The 720 Linear Series offers a more sophisticated and modern look to any room. This series incorporates the charming at-home feel of wood with all the glamour and style of New York City.

The wood contains a compressed wood pattern to give it defined lines that draw the eye to key pieces in the room. The array of colors offered are able to accompany any color scheme and budget.

Kolay 820 Kamo Collection Series

Perfect Day

The Kolay Kamouflage collection is a unique series inspired by the beauty of mother nature. Linear Series offers a more sophisticated and modern look to any room. This collection is a perfect example of how Kolay Flooring is 100% customizable – this design comes from a photo taken of some underbrush on the side of a mountain. The designers chose the photo that captured their inspiration the best, added some custom color schemes and voila, the Kolay Kamo was born.

For any one who loves the outdoors or just wants to add a little nature to their everyday manufactured life, the Kolay Kamo collection is a brilliant customized flooring you can’t get anywhere else.

Kolay 920 Leather Collection Series


Kolay’s Leather Series is a classy collection that blends well with wood or multiple other collections for both floor and wall applications. The combination of colors allows for rich designs on upscale projects without the cost of genuine leather or its maintenance.

Kolay 1020 Fabric Collection Series



Contemporary Stripe

Kolay 1120 KFI Collection Series


Kolay Flooring’s KFI Series “Registered Emboss” gives a beautifully refined look unlike any other embossing available.

Kolay 1220 Cork Collection Series


Kolay’s Cork Series mimics the traditional look of cork in a waterproof and pet-friendly product that gives you the high-end appearance without the high-end maintenance or cost. Stocking standard is with leather embossing. Kolay’s LVT cork offers an odor-free installation solution with the beauty of natural cork.

Kolay 1320 Wood Tile Collection Series


Kolay’s Wood Tile flooring is notably a distinct alternative to traditional plank flooring that can be combined with other patterns to create an unparalleled design.


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Going Green with Kolay International

Kolay Flooring International is Environmentally Friendly

Made from 40% post industrial content and is 100% recyclable, Kolay Luxury Vinyl Flooring prides itself on being environmentally friendly, from start to finish. This includes the absence of formaldehyde in all our products. No VOCs are used in the production of Kolay’s products. Moreover, neither adhesive or glue are used in the manufacturing process and in no way are used in the binding of the product itself.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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